I have attached a Program Review Guide to assist you in preparing for the 2012-13 Program Reviews.
The program reviews will take place on April 9th in Area I and April 11th in Area II. Please note that these are the only days that program reviews will be conducted. These dates are in conjunction with the Spring Area Teachers meetings. Please make every effort to be available on these dates. We will be sending out a sign up sheet for you to choose a time slot. The Teacher Meeting will be conducted three times during the day in order to facilitate the process of conducting your review, and then attending the most convenient meeting.
It will be very important for each of you to have a well organized file or notebook of the material you are responsible for bringing. If you have specific questions regarding this documentation, please give me or any Area Teacher a call. As a general rule...if in doubt, put it in the notebook. Items in the guide listed in italics are records we have in our office. Items listed in bold and underlined are to be documented by you.
Thank you all in advance for your help in making this process as smooth as possible. It is our goal that this be a positive bragging session of all that you have accomplished during the past year. Let me know if I can help or provide answers to any questions.
Thank you all,

Stan Mitchell
North Region Director
Agricultural Education
204 Four Towers
University of Georgia
Athens, Ga. 30602
Office 706-552-4468
Cell 706-338-7230
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