I have attached a Program Review Guide to assist you in preparing for the
2012-13 Program of Work Reviews. As mentioned previously, the area teachers
will be contacting the teachers in their program service areas regarding
specific dates and times for evaluations.

It will be very important for each of you to have a well organized file or
notebook of the material you are responsible for bringing. If you have
specific questions regarding this documentation, please give me or any Area
Teacher a call. As a general rule...if in doubt, put it in the notebook.
Items in the guide listed in* italics* are records we have in our office.
Items listed in *bold and underlined* are to be documented by you.

If you are a middle school teacher please note that the following are the
only differences in a high school and middle school Program of Work:

   - *Standard # 22 - Middle School Chapters are required to submit at
   least one Middle School Record Book rather than a Proficiency Application
   ** *

   - *Standard #25 - Middle School Chapters are required to submit a Form I
   and at least one of the other choices rather than two.** *

   - *Standard #35 - Middle School Chapters do not need to have a State FFA

Thank you all in advance for your help in making this process as smooth as
possible. It is our goal that these sessions provide you with the
opportunity to share with us the great things happening in your program. As
always, the ultimate goal is to use these as a guide for continued program
improvement. Let me know if I can help or provide answers to any questions.

Thank you all,

Lynn Barber

Lynn Barber, Ed.D.
South Region Agricultural Education Director
Georgia Young Farmers Executive Secretary
Georgia Department of Education
ABAC 34, 2802 Moore Hwy.
Tifton, GA 31794
229-386-3428 (office)
912-584-8442 (cell)

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