Good Afternoon Teachers --

Below you will find important information regarding the upcoming Sub Area CDEs.  Remember that the top 3 students in each leadership area will advance to the Area CDEs to be held in March.  We will announce the top 3 students who will be moving on from the sub area after the competitions have ended, but no ranking (1st, 2nd, 3rd) will be announced at these events. 
Schools that have registered to attend the Lowndes Sub Area CDE see attachment.
Manuscripts are due in the office today. 
Materials to be submitted:
  1. Three doubled-spaced typewritten copies of the speech on 8 1/2 " x 11" white bond paper with cover page that gives the speech title, participant's name, chapter and date.  The body of the manuscript should have 1" margins and the character font should be 10-12 per inch.  Format, bibliography and reference questions should be answered by the APA style manual.  Do not bind manuscripts, only staple.  Manuscripts must be sent to the regional offices for initial level of competition.
  2. Each participant should submit a signed statement that the manuscript is original work.  Original work means that this speech is researched and written by the student who is presenting the speech this year.  Manuscripts that have been used in previous years by other students with changes is not considered "original work".
  3. Each manuscript must be accompanied by a complete and accurate bibliography.  Any plagiarism will result in dismissal from the competition.  Consult the APA style manual with documentation questions.
4-6 minute speech
No questions from judges
6-8 minute speech
Questions from judges over topic to last no more than 5 minutes
Allowed up to 4 minutes total time to present
No questions from judges at sub area unless deemed necessary by judging panel
If you have an extemp speaker and can arrive by 4pm to allow them time to begin the writing process please do so.  Students will select 3 topics from 12, review those three and then determine one topic they wish to speak on.  Students may use his/her resource materials to write their speech within the 30 minute time frame using notecards we will provide.  Remember -- NO handwritten documents can be brought into the Extemp Prep Room.  Textbooks and notebooks of printed/compiled information are permitted.  Cell phones will not be allowed in the Extemp Prep Room, however cell phones or a stopwatch can be used by the student when delivering their speech to judges. 
4-6 minute speech
Questions from judges over topic to last no more than 5 minutes

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