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Date: Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 10:59 AM
Subject: Information needed for swine show penning
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Can you please forward this to the FFA List.****

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As of this morning I have not heard from the groups listed below concerning
penning for the 2013 Jr. National Swine show. If your group is listed
below, please contact me with the *number of pigs that you will be bringing
(NOT THE PENS YOU THINK YOU NEED),* so that I can get you on the list.  If
your name is on the list and you have previously sent me information,
please send it to me again.  If your name is not on the list then I have
had someone from your group or county contact me concerning your group.  If
you think your group should be on the list and it is not, please email me
your information and I will correct my list. ****

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As it stands now, we will be able to assign pens prior to the show.
Currently we are anticipating one of the largest shows we have had in
several years and we will be extremely tight on pen space.  Right now we
need to pen 2.2 pig/pen, so please plan on bringing dividers and understand
that there may be a few cases where there will need to be 3 pigs in a pen.
We will be working with the National Fair Grounds to see if we can get a
few more pens, but right now we are limited to 836 pens for approximately
1800 pigs. While I have not started assigning pens yet, I believe that the
requests that I have for the Sheep/swine 2, (lower, new) barn will fill
it.   ****

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I hope to be sending out the pen assignments on Monday, February 18.  If
the numbers you have sent me change between now and the 15th, please let me
know.  The more accurate numbers we have the easier it will be to
accommodate everyone’s needs.  ****

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If you plan on participating in the Herdsman competition, please let me
know.  ****

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Groups who I have not heard from concerning animals coming to the swine

** **

Alcovy FFA****

Apalachee FFA****

Appling 4-H****

Barrow 4-H****

Berrien 4-H****

Bleckley 4-H****

Bulloch 4-H****

Effingham 4-H****

Emaneul 4-H****

Franklin 4-H****

Franklin High FFA****

Franklin Middle FFA****

Fullington Academy FFA****

Gilmer 4-H****

Habersham 4-H****

Habersham Central FFA****

Hart FFA****

Hart Middle FFA****

Houston 4-H****

Irwin 4-H****

Irwin Middle FFA****

Jefferson Co. FFA****

Johnson 4-H****

Johnson FFA****

Madison 4-H****

Madison FFA****

Miller 4-H****

Miller Co. FFA****

Mossy Creek Middle FFA****

Newton 4-H****

Newton FFA****

Northside FFA****

Oconee FFA****

Peach 4-H****

Perry FFA****

Perry Middle FFA****

Pickens FFA****

Pierce 4-H****

Portal FFA****

Pulaski 4-H****

Southeast Bulloch FFA****

Statesboro FFA****

Swainsboro FFA****

Telfair FFA****

Thomas 4-H****

Thomas Central FFA****

Thomas Middle FFA****

Tift 4-H****

Toombs 4-H****

Treutlen 4-H****

Tri Co. FFA****

Upson Lee FFA****

Veterans High FFA****

White 4-H****

White Co. FFA****

White Middle FFA****

Winder Barrow FFA****

Worth 4-H****

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C. Robert Dove****

Associate Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator and Swine Extension

Department of Animal and Dairy Science****

248 Rhodes Center for Animal and Dairy Science****

University of Georgia****

425 River Road****

Athens, GA 30602****

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Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
office 229.386.3196
cell 229.326.3053
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