Those of you using I-16 to get to Fort Valley today or tomorrow, give
yourself plenty of time.

More than likely, one lane of I-16 westbound will be closed through the
weekend after the large wreck that occurred.  The interstate will be
narrowed down to one lane between mile markers 36 and 38.

As you get to Dublin, you have several options (depending on the traffic).
You may have better luck on finding anything more specific how they are
rerouting traffic if they are???  Make sure you have a good state map with

Here are several options.

Exit 49 (Highway 257):  turn left at the exit ramp and take 257 to
Hawkinsville, then 341 to Perry and Fort Valley.

Exit 42 (Hwy. 338) and 39 (Hwy. 26):  turn right on the exit ramp, go a few
miles and turn left on US Highway 80.  You can take US 80 west and then
turn left on 358 or 112 to get back to the interstate
Exit 39 also goes to Cochran if you turn left off the interstate and from
Cochran take Highways 23, 87,129 north to Hwy. 96.

I would guess if there is a reroute, they would use exit 42.

If you need any help, give me a call.

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