I have received a few questions regarding the MS wood fab CDE. All of them
pretty much center around how much flexibility is allowed with the design.

I understand the desire to make a project better and applaud the efforts of
your students. Let me point out an item or two that may clarify your

The project must meet design specs. This means any deviation from
dimensional values will result in deductions or disqualification depending
upon severity. This does not stifle creativity as different finishes,
fasteners, or even wood species may be used.

Certain wood species come in varied widths and thicknesses so make sure
they are planed/cut to match the plan.

Edges may be rounded over without changing dimension. Do not add anything
like tile which would change the plan.

This is not an exhaustive list so if you have any questions please let me

I hope this will clarify any questions you may have.