If you are having trouble with submitting your FFA Alumni roster through
the new AGCN then contact Joy Crosby immediately via email at
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Please remember that once you select your members to renew and then preview
your submission that you must select if they are an "annual" state member
Each annual member is $15 ($10 for national and $5 for state).
Collegiate members are $5.
Lifetime members are $150.

Also, once you preview your submission of members then you must follow the
steps on the screen which include:
1. Submit members locally
2. View invites
3. Submit to state

If you skip the "Submit locally" and proceed directly to the "submit to
state" then your info will not be processed and the state will not receive
notification that you have updated your roster. We have already had emails
from folks who thought they processed their roster but the "submit locally"
step was not done and therefore not actually submitted.


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