Dear Ag Teachers and FFA Advisors,

I hope you are getting excited and making all the final plans for participation in the 85th Georgia FFA Convention. I realize this is a very busy time, but I would like to make a special request of each of you. As you may know, we have been recognizing the Retired Agriculture Teachers during the 3rd General Session of the Convention (10:30 a.m. on Friday). We also invite each of them to a special luncheon in their honor. Mrs. Jones in the FFA Foundation office has already mailed invitations to most of the retired teachers, but I believe it would be helpful to provide some more encouragement - and what better way to get that coming from the current agriculture teacher. SO, I respectfully ask your help - Please take a moment and contact any retired agriculture teacher in your community and invite them to come to the State FFA Convention. I know that most of you know of a retired Ag Teacher locally, so please consider this opportunity to involve them once again in AgEd and FFA . I am sure they would appreciate the gesture if not the opportunity to attend. If you get a favorable commitment, please let me or Mrs. Katrina Jones know that they will be attending. We will be recognizing them all as a group during the 3rd general session which begins at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, April 26. They are also invited to have lunch following that session.

I really appreciate any help you can provide for this request. I look forward to seeing everyone at the Convention. It is going to be a great experience.

Thank You in advance for providing your students the opportunity to attend.

John (Chip) Bridges
Program Manager, Agricultural Education
Georgia Department of Education
1752 Twin Towers East
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Atlanta, GA 30334
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