The following students have been selected for Area Officer candidates. Thank you to all of the students who sent in applications and good luck as you seek an Area Office.

Area 1 Sr. Officer candidates

Bodie Brooks
Cassidy Morgan Byess
Joshua Aaron
John Romero
Sara Prokosch
Shanna Skinner
Dakota Martin
Jackson Lee Stinnett
William Shane Putnam
Johnson Collins
Kevin Edwards

Area 2 Sr. Officer candidates
Trey Aycock
Mikayla Cloud
Faith Gilman
Chloe Thomason
Kelly Sweeney
Allie Duck
Travis Tankersley
Avery B. Drake
Madison Hickey
Hannah Taylor
Bryanna Cash

Area 1 Jr. Representative Candidates
Presley Sutton
Zach Samples
Hunter Stillwell
Autumn Lankford

Area 2 Jr. Representative Candidates
Samantha Neal
Kylie Bruce
Chandler Kyle
Justin Paul Daniel
Jared B. Daniel

Sidney Bell
Area Agricultural Mechanics Teacher
North Region Agricultural Education
209 Four Towers
University of Georgia
Athens, Ga. 30602
Office: (706) 552 - 4464
Cell: (706) 612 - 4789
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