There has been quite a bit of interest in having a Forestry Training
Workshop for New and Inexperienced teachers. I want to hold two workshops,
one in Area V and one in Area VI. I might hold four, two in June and two in
July - all depends on interest.

*Any teacher may attend who is interested in training a Forestry
team!* However,
if you have been to the State Forestry CDE, this workshop may seem pretty
basic. Another however - since I am new to this position and am responsible
for setting up the Area Forestry CDE's and have now helped set up a State
Forestry CDE, you may want to attend just to make sure we are all on the
same page.

Go to the following link and let me know what you would like for me to do.
You have until *May 15* to let me know. I will then plan accordingly.

Forestry Training Workshop

Teachers who have completed the survey are:

Abbie Halbig

Andy Harrison

Audrey Davis

Blake Kendrick

Cherry Henderson

David Atkinson

Donald Gilman

Edmund Thrift

Glen Gosier

Hugh Lanier

J.R. Miles

Jamey Stodghill

Jamie Rich

Jerry Stone

Jimmy Cargle

John A Ramay

Larry Burkett

Les Bateson

Mack Ross

Michael Stalvey

Renee Smith

Robbie Harrison

Seth Prescott

Shelby Corbett

Sue Trammell

Theresa Sikinyi

Todd Creech


*Danny Bartlett
Forestry Area Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education*
*ABAC 34 - 2802 Moore Highway*
*Tifton, GA  31793*
*229/386-3198 (ofc)*