Dear Ciliate Community,

The organizers of the 2013 FASEB conference on Ciliate Molecular Biology (to be held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, this July 7-12), send you greetings.  We would like to take a moment to encourage those of you who are planning to attend to register soon!

There may be challenges arranging travel from the Denver Airport or the closer HAYDEN Airport to the facility in Steamboat Springs if left to the last minute!  There is a shuttle from Denver and there are car rentals available from both locations.

 (It is cheaper to rent a car, and car-pool with other participants.)

 Finally, this year (thanks to Emily Wiley), we have a fair bit of travel support for undergraduate attendees (up to $800 each depending on demand).  If you have undergraduates, and could use travel support, please contact Emily directly (and soon!  before the end of May), at the following email address:  [log in to unmask]

Looking forward to seeing you!!!



and  Kaz