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Could you forward this to the state list serve please?

An Idea for Strengthening our Local FFA Programs


The basis of the idea:

1.  Teacher fatigue, time away from family, and student fatigue following contests:  Stop and take 5 minutes to look at our state and areas' strongest programs.  You will notice that most of these programs are located near the region office, and most of these programs are located within one hour of the contest site.  Very few strong programs are located outside of this perimeter.  There are several reasons for this; teacher fatigue, travel costs, time away from family, and student fatigue following contests.  For example, during a typical contest many students return to school around 10:30 PM to 11:30 PM, and drive over 150 miles.  I ask the question is this sustainable?  Is it what is best for our students?

 2.  Lost time in the classroom:  Under the current situation many teachers miss about 20 days of class room instruction with students.  This idea should alleviate much of this lost time.  Students suffer when I am not in the classroom.

 3.  Budget Concerns:  Many programs are being limited on the number of trips they are allowed to take to contests, because of travel costs, etc.

 The idea:

 Hold sub-regional contests hosted by teachers for popular contests** that include around 5-10 schools that travel distances less than 45-50 miles.*  Then, hold area contests similar to the ones held at the state level on 6 given days throughout the year in which many contests are held on the same day.

* Standardized written tests could be made by area teachers.

 **Any contest in which a Jr. and Sr. teams compete in addition to Tractor Driving and Lawn Mower Operations

Potential benefits of this motion:

 1. Increase student success:  This is huge as a moral builder.  You would encourage 5 times the students.  We could invite as many students as possible to participate, rather than only inviting our 4 chosen brightest students.

 2. Increase teacher engagement and moral.

 3.  Decrease travel costs.

 4.  Increase different student participation. We have already seen this happen with the new set up of the state contests.

 Please think and pray about this idea.   

Below is a link to a survey that I have made to help provide feedback for this proposal:

Ryan Ayers
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