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Date: Mon, May 6, 2013 at 4:25 PM
Subject: Electrical Apprenticeship Deadline
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*Subject:* Electrical Apprenticeship Deadline

  To: High School AG Teachers, Counselors, and Administrators
From: Chuck Little, H.R. Director
          Atlanta Electrical Contractors Association (AECA)

Congratulations on just about finishing another school year and it was nice
to see so many of you down at the State AG Conference in Macon.
If you need us to help you help your students get placed into a CAREER Path
 now is the time to ACT.

We had our AECA Career Day back in April and close to 70 applicants showed
up from all across the metro ATL area.  Anyone passing
our Aptitude Test of Algebra 1 and 10th grade reading level will be put to
work for a 90 day paid probationary period.  If they make it
to the 91st day, they are totally in the program of full-time work and
part-time Tuition-FREE school.  They will be on their way to
making $58,000 as mere 23 year-olds.

There is a DEADLINE (for all SENIORS) coming up to apply for this
in by *Wednesday, May 15th*  with all required attachments (EXCEPT FOR
THEIR H.S. DIPLOMA).  Their diploma then needs to get
to us by June 15th *(that is the only exception for the attachments).*
Anyone needing the full instructions, qualifications and application can go
to  and click on the ADMISSIONS BUTTON
to then download the APP package. It gives the address as to where it needs
to be mailed (or hand delivered) to by the deadline.

You have my email and phone up above if anyone has any questions!  With
every good wish...

Sidney Bell
Area Agricultural Mechanics Teacher
North Region Agricultural Education
209 Four Towers
University of Georgia
Athens, Ga. 30602
Office: (706) 552 - 4464
Cell: (706) 612 - 4789
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