The Georgia National Fair has an educational display on the water story each year during the fair. Normally, they have a landscape company build the display in exchange for the free advertising, but they thought it might be a good opportunity for an FFA chapter landscape project and provide an opportunity for the students to get involved. 

What is the project?

The Water Story is an educational display that explains the water story and uses a rain shed to illustrate with rainwater falling from the roof into the pond which is pumped back up onto the roof to complete the cycle.

What would your chapter be responsible for doing?

The club would be responsible for designing the pond and surrounding landscaping, implementing the design (working with Dr. Gary Hawkins from Tifton to fit in his display), and taking the pond down the week after the Fair.

Funding -

There is no funding for the project, so it would have to be a “community project” and the materials would have to be donated/loaned. The Agricenter does have a pond liner, gravel, and concrete block that can be used for this project.  They would also be willing to place signage for any companies that donated to the project (supplies or funds), the FFA chapter, and educational information about FFA horticulture programs in the pond area. If the club provided the plants, we could advertise them for sale to be picked up after the Fair or coordinated through the club.

Does this sound like something your FFA chapter might be interested in undertaking?  If so, you can contact me by email [log in to unmask] or Sandy Kusuda at 478-988-6555 or email [log in to unmask]

Deadline to sign up is May 31, 2013

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