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The laboratory of Yifan Liu at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) is recruiting a postdoctoral research fellow to study epigenetic regulation of DNA replication in Tetrahymena. Histone H3 lysine 27 methylation, conserved in protozoa, metazoa, and plants, has long been associated with transcriptional repression and heterochromatin formation. Recently, we have revealed its new role in DNA replication. We study TXR1, a histone methyltransferase specific for histone H3 lysine mono-methylation (H3K27me1). There is severe replication stress in DTXR1 cells, manifested by accumulation of single-stranded DNA, production of abnormal replication intermediates, and activation of robust DNA damage responses. Based upon these results, we propose the presence of a conserved TXR1-dependent, H3K27me1-mediated pathway regulating replication elongation. The new postdoctoral research follow is expected to be involved in determining the mechanistic connection between H3K27me1 and DNA replication, and investigating additional factors in this pathway that couples propagation of both genetic and epigenetic information.


Candidates are expected to have good training in molecular biology and biochemistry, with a Ph. D. in relevant areas. Experience with eukaryotic microbes and skill in bioinformatic analyses are appreciated. Applications should include a cover letter, detailed CV, and names of 3 references. Contact Yifan Liu ([log in to unmask]), who will be at the FASEB meeting and present related results.


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