Please see e-mail from Dr. Silcox below on ordering Lamb & Goat ear tags.  The entry registration website has been updated and ready for entries for the upcoming school year. Please e-mail your area teacher if you need help in entering livestock on the state entry website.  The rule book has been posted on our website in draft mode. Please let us know if you see any thing that needs to be corrected before it is finalized.  Thank you!

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Entry Deadlines:


State Market Lamb Show - July 15

State Market Goat Show - August 1


ORDER TAGS NOW if you do not have enough.


We have plenty of Tags and the order form is at:


Notes about Ear tags:


Goat Tags - Yellow (This is the same tag we used last year. You may use old yellow tags)


Lamb Tags - Red or Yellow (We will use up the remainder of the Red tags that we have used in the past, you may also use yellow goat tags for market lambs.  When you enter lambs, there will be a spot on the entry form for color of tag, so make sure you know the tag color.)


Steer and Beef Heifer - Green ( This is the same tag as last year. You may use old green tags.  You will need a state tag for the Georgia National Fair in October this year.)


Hog - Magenta (This is the same as last year.  You will need a state tag for the Georgia National Fair in October. You may use old Orange tags for the October hog show.  Karen at the Fair asks that you let her know you are using an orange tag by putting O after the tag number.  Example:  7895-O.)


Dairy Heifer - White (same as last year)


We will need to make changes in our tags next year (2014-2015 show season), so go through your tag box and try to use up the ones listed above.



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