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  State Goat Entry Deadline is August 1.

*How to enter Goat Carcass Contest :*


When you add an exhibitor on the entry site, under the address information
there is box with "Goat Show Carcass Contest $20".  Check that box and the
exhibitor will be entered and $20 will be added to your fees.

If you have already entered goats, you can go back and select the name of
the individual who wants to enter, check the Goat Carcass Show box, then
make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and save changes.

*More Information about Goat Carcass Contest*

Page 14 of rule book has full details but a very condensed version follows.

This is new this year.

*Only 9th - 12th grade can enter Goat Carcass Contest*

Only one goat per exhibitor.

Goat must be shown at State Show.

Exhibitor with more than one goat entered decides which one to send for
carcass at the show.

Goats will be loaded following state show and harvested at the Fort Valley
meat processing plant.

 Ronnie Silcox,
Extension Animal Scientist
Rhodes Animal & Dairy Science
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*Tommy Waldrop*
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South Region Agricultural Education
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