If you are looking for an alternative to the standard "per person" FFA dues structure, please be aware of the Affiliation option. This option exists to provide AgEd programs to pay one fee, based on enrollment, that makes every student in the program an FFA member. The fee structure is attached to this email. Please notice that the two columns on the far left are the ones you need to pay most attention to. The Affiliation fee will cover both State and National fees, and it will make every student in your AgEd program FFA members. It is important to know that chapters who Affiliate are still expected to complete their online chapter FFA roster through the Ag Career Network.


First, identify how many different "un-duplicated" students will be enrolled in Agricultural Education classes in your school for the entire 2013-2014 school year. If you are in a multi-teacher program, be sure to include every course by every teacher. Once you identify your enrollment number, you can determine the fee for your program to Affiliate.


A key factor in the decision to Affiliate is that you cannot collect dues money from students. If your program Affiliates, you must come up with the money for the Affiliation fee from alternative sources (i.e. fund raising, etc…) You can collect money from students if they are receiving a product (t-shirt, trip, etc…) but Affiliate programs are committing to not collect any student dues.


Affiliation fees are due to the State FFA Office by the October 15, membership deadline. Chapters will be asked to submit to the State FFA Office their "enrollment number" by September 1. Programs will be invoiced based on their enrollment numbers. In determining your total number, it is important to account for all students enrolled in AgEd classes for the entire year, and account for any graduated students who need to stay on the FFA roster for the purpose of the American Degree.


Finally, if your chapter plans to Affiliate, please contact me (email or phone) by August 15. Your enrollment number for the entire year will be due by September 1.


If you have questions about the Affiliation process, please let me know.




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