For the past three years I have had the privilege to serve as the Georgia Young Farmers Association Executive Secretary. While I have always been a proponent of adult education in agriculture, this opportunity has given me an even greater appreciation for the role and importance of our adult education component and how it complements our overall agricultural education program. The Georgia Young Farmers Association is growing and active and leads the nation as the largest state association. Because of this, it is vital that we have someone who can dedicate their time and energy to our Young Farmer education program. Therefore, I am pleased that we are able to post the position for the GYFA Executive Secretary. The posting and job description are attached to this email. Please feel free to forward this to anyone in the Ag Ed family who may be interested (retired teachers, etc.). 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Mr. Bridges.

Lynn Barber, Ed.D.
South Region Agricultural Education Director
Georgia Young Farmers Executive Secretary
Georgia Department of Education
ABAC 34, 2802 Moore Hwy.
Tifton, GA 31794
229-386-3428 (office)
912-584-8442 (cell)

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