Fellow Ag Teachers,

At a recent FFA event I was attending, Ms. Melissa Snyder (Ag Teacher at Newton County High) challenged me to race her in the 1st ever Udder Mud Run to be held on September 28th at the FFA Camp. Without regard for the significant age difference, cardiac respiratory concerns, and potential risk of having an old man / State FFA Advisor die at the camp facilities, I accept the challenge and will be participating in this worthwhile event to help with continued efforts to raise funds that go toward making improvements at the camp. I also plan to train hard for the next two weeks to insure I am not the Ag Teacher with the slowest time.

SO, There is now a special heat for all Ag Teachers to enter the event. I would like to invite each of you to participate in the FFA Advisor heat at the upcoming "Udder Mud Run" (especially some of you more seasoned Ag Teachers). The camp has created a special code that will allow you to get a discounted rate when you register as an FFA Advisor and sign up to run (or walk, roll, crawl...) the mud course with all our other fellow Ag Teachers brave enough to take on this challenge. Please consider getting involved with this activity on Saturday, September 28th - at 10:30 a.m.

Simply go to the Udder Mud Run web page, complete the registration process using the code (FFAFCCLA) and sign up for the 10:30 a.m. heat. This will make sure you get the special FFA rate at $25. Each Ag Teacher entered will be able to record their time at the finish line and we will see which teacher comes away with the best performance. Now this is just for fun, so don't worry we will not be advertising or posting the times at the end of the event or bring it up throughout the year. You will not be embarrassed by your participation. Also, Your students can take advantage of the special rate and run the same heat or other heats they would like to sign up for - and, you can bring your own cheering section if you want. My only request is please don't let me and Ms. Snyder be the only Ag Teachers in the event. I also hope that I am not the oldest or most out-of-shape that day.

The web site is

I really appreciate you considering this challenge. I hope to see you on September 28th for the 1st ever Udder Mud Run at the FFA Camp near Covington. The FFA Advisor heat will start at 10:30 a.m.

Let's do this!

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