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Date: Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 10:16 AM
Subject: ID contests
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Good Morning.


There seems to be some confusion about registering for the FFA contests.


The rules are the same for all competitions – the individuals must be registered by name, teams of two list both students’ names in the Team field, Chapter events are registered in the chapter name (example - Peach County FFA).


For the ID contests,  the individuals must be registered by name; the teams must be registered in the chapter name with the students’ names listed in the description field (so you can label their teams for scoring). If the full names do not fit, first initial and last name may be used. This is the same procedure for all of the FFA competitions, the only exception is the listing of the team members in the description field for the ID contests.


We cannot accept registrations with no names or with every entry listed as the chapter. It is much easier for us to go in and correct an entry if they have a last minute substitution, then to correct every entry for every school.


Can you pass this information along to all FFA advisors?


Thank you!



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