Below is a list of all the mistakes that the GNF found in the registration for the Fair Events this year.  Please look carefully at this list and if your chpater is listed, make the needed corrections.  If you have difficulty making them, call the fair, (478) 988-6555, ASAP.  This has to be done today.  Thanks.

Appling High needs to register their individual students for the ID contests


Bleckley County High has registered two ID teams with only one name in the description field and no individual entries. And their teams of two only have last names listed (Yearty/Ross, etc.). We must have full names for the premium checks.


Brantley County High and Middle Schools have not registered all events in the school name  without student names.


Ben Hill Middle registered a Medium Built project for CJ (no last name).


CA Gray Middle registered their ID teams correctly, but no individuals. And registered several individual events in the club name


Central Elementary/High -  floriculture ID team registered with no names; no individuals registered.


Carver Middle – Junior Floriculture Team registered as Asia Evans. Is she the only one participating as an individual, or did they mean to register a team?


Charlton County High registered their individuals in Chapter ID contests and did not register teams. We can correct the divisions for the individuals here but they need to register the teams with the names of team members listed in the description field


Coffee Middle  3 ID teams listed with no names; no individuals registered.


Coffee High – registered floral designs as floriculture teams, registered teams with no names and no individuals


Colquitt County High – 4 ID teams with no names, no individuals


Creekside High – Nursery landscape team registered incorrectly – no team member names; no individuals registered


Cross Creek High – 2 ID contests registered correctly; individual students not registered


Dutchtown high has 2 students registered in Chapter ID contests and the rest registered as individuals. Need to register the chapter in the club name and list the team members in the description field; we can change division numbers of students registered as chapter is that was the intent


East Laurens registered 4 kids correctly as individuals, but no team


Echols County High –Junior Floriculture ID - 3 students registered as chapters; no team registered; Senior Chapter floriculture registered with no student names


Harlem High – registered 4 teams correctly, did not register individuals on those teams


Hawkinsville High – Senior Chapter Tree ID with one student listed


Hepzibah High – 4 students registered individually as “Chapter Tree ID” We can correct these divisions, but they need to register a team


Hilsman Middle  - teams of two need full names


Jones County High – Chapter ID contests have no names; no individuals registered


Lagrange High – registered teams correctly, but no individuals


Lee County Middle – registered 3 ID teams with no names; no individuals


Liberty County High – 4 ID teams with no names (one was entered as 4 first names); no individuals


Loganville Middle – 4 individuals registered as Junior Chapter Nursery Landscape ID; no team


Lowndes High – Teams entered correctly; no individuals registered


Macon County FFA – registered all events in chapter name – need to register individual students’ names for individual events


Madison County High – individuals registered as Chapter ID contests; no team registered


Malcom Bridge Middle – individuals registered as Chapter Floriculture; no team


Mary Persons High – Teams registered correctly, no individuals registered


McIntosh County Academy – Registered individuals, but no team


Miller County High – registered chapter ID contests with no names; no individuals


Montgomery County High – Registered 4 teams with no names; no individuals


Northside High- registered 2 individuals as Chapter Tree ID


Ola High – Registered individuals as Chapter ID Contests


Perry High – registered multiple ID teams, some with names, some without; only one individual – registered “The Ray brothers” with a project; some teams of two with last names only


Pike County Middle – Teams of two listed with partial names


Riverdale High – Senior Chapter Floriculture ID – chapter registered correctly, no individuals from that team


South Effingham Middle – 2 ID teams entered correctly, but individuals not registered; separate individual registered in chapter name


Southeast Bulloch High – Individuals registered in Chapter ID, no team registered


Swainsboro High – teams registered correctly; individuals not registered


Thomson-McDuffie Middle – Floral Design registered in chapter name with “ Students from TMMS FFA” in the description; 5 ID teams registered; no individuals


Tift County High – 5 ID teams with no names; no individuals


Twiggs County – registered chapter project as individual


Veterans High – registered chapter events as individual names (teams of two are registered as individual projects and both full names are listed; teams of 3 or more are registered as chapter events in the club name)


Walnut Grove High – Individuals registered as chapter ID contest. No team registered.


Ware County High - registered all events in their school name


West Laurens High – registered 4 teams – 2 as teams with no names and 2 as individuals in the club name with individual names in the description field


Wheeler County High FFA – registered 4 teams with only one student in the description field; no individuals


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Central Region Forestry Teacher
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