As you work with your students and their livestock projects, remember that you come in contact with with 4-H'ers.  They may be siblings or cousins of your students or people in the community that are interested in livestock.  I know that each of you are more than willing to help each of these kids and help give them the best experience possible in their project and do a great job in  working with them.

As you work with these kids, we also need to work with the Extension Personnel in charge of 4-H.  This may be an Ag. Agent, 4-H Agent, Program Assistant, or Secretary who may or may not be able to take a direct roll in the child's project.  Make sure they are the one who signs off on the entry forms for the 4-H'er and are aware of the 4-H'er's activities.  The most important part of this is that we are working towards the best interest of the child, and you all do a great job of that.  Keep up the good work and meeting the challenges of each day with a smile. 

First Year Teachers/New Teachers:  If you need any assistance or have any questions, please call your Area Animal Science Teacher.

Upcoming Entry Deadlines:
October 1:  Steers and Heifers Entry Deadline
November 1:  Market Goat and Market Lamb Record books Due
November 8:  Last Day to ship Dairy Tags
November 15:  Commercial Dairy Heifer Entry Deadline
November 28:  Last Day to ship Market Hog Tags
December 3:  Last Day to ship Breeding Ewe Tags
December 5:  Market Hog Entry Deadline
December 10:  Breeding Ewe Entry Deadline
February 12:  Junior National Banquet Ticket Reservation Deadline
February 21:  Record books Due:  Market Hog, Heifer, Steer, Commercial Dairy


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