The team activity for the Area and State ENR CDE is a 50-question test. Follow these steps to find and develop a study guide for your students:

1. Go to the Ag Ed Website,

2. Click on "New GPS Pathways and Lessons."

3. Scroll down to "Supplemental High School GPS Courses." Click on "Courses."

4. AG-NR-03.411 Natural Resources Management is the first course you will find. Click on lessons.  - (you can click on this link and go straight to the lessons without going through                 the above steps. However, there are some of you who, like me, want to know how to get there. I hope I have satisfied all of you!)

5. The three lessons can be printed out and put together in one bundle and you will have your study guide! 
          4.1, 4.2, and 4.4 (there is no 4.3).

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