The Marketing Plan CDE is scheduled for December 10th and 12th for Areas V and VI, respectfully. The scorecards have been updated to match the National Marketing Plan CDE, so be sure and look them over carefully. The written plan scorecard can be found here: Written Plan Scorecard. The presentation scorecard can be found here: Presentation Scorecard.

You need to print off the Georgia Marketing Plan CDE guidelines. They can be found here: Marketing Plan CDE Guidelines.
Go to the National FFA Website and print out the guidelines for the Marketing Plan: National FFA Marketing Plan guidelines. The pages and sections most important to you are on pages two and three.
Go to V. Event Format, B. Written Plan (the written plan is the only part due for the Area CDE in December). Glance at 1. Instructions, a-c. (We will get into it in more detail later.)
Under d. you will find all the aspects of the Marketing Plan that should be included in the written portion. After reading this section, look at the scorecard. Strictly follow these guidelines.
Under 2. Procedures, ignore a. Under b. the format for your written plan is discussed. FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES! You have ONLY eight pages and one of them is the Title Page. Be sure to label all your headings the way the guidelines tell you.
As far as what you are marketing, go back to V. B. 1. a. You should find a local agribusiness, sit down with them and explain what you are doing. They should be able to help you tremendously on what they do to market their business, service, or a specific product. You have some leeway in choosing something to market. Look at b. and c. carefully.
This should get you started. Look at the Marketing Plan Guidebook. It is 71 pages long and contains a treasure trove of information.

The Colquitt County FFA Chapter's Marketing Plan team will be representing Georgia at next week's National CDE. Let's wish them Good Luck with their efforts! The national winning team members receive a $1,000 cash prize!
GOOD LUCK! If there is anything I can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Danny Bartlett
State FFA Marketing Plan CDE Superintendent
Forestry Area Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
ABAC 34 - 2802 Moore Highway
Tifton, GA  31793
229/386-3198 (ofc)