If you cannot attend the National FFA Convention, but would like for your students to experience part of the Convention, please see the information below concerning the virtual convention experience.

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Subject: Virtual National FFA Convention & Expo

The National FFA Convention and Expo is the highlight of the year for most FFA chapters across the nation.  However, not every chapter can participate in the convention. And for those that do attend, many students are left at home without a chance to experience the speakers, the expo, or leadership workshops. Well, NOT ANYMORE! This year for the first time, The National FFA Convention and Expo are going VIRTUAL! That's right, you can now attend without leaving the comfort of your classroom. And for those students that you left behind, they too can experience the sights and sounds of the convention.

Attendees of the virtual convention & expo will be able to visit exhibitors within the virtual expo, participate in student workshops and interact with others online, watch general sessions and purchase memorabilia in the virtual shopping mall. Teacher and Advisors will be able to download resources to use in the classroom in the Teacher's Corner. There are two different price points:

$50 - If you have registered and are attending the National FFA Convention & Expo and would like those students at home to be able to have the convention experience
$100 - If you are not attending the National FFA Convention & Expo

Even though pre-registration is closing on October 14th, registration for Virtual Convention & Expo will remain open and the steps are the same as for pre-registration.

Information can be found at

Hope to see you in Louisville, or online!

J. Frank Saldana
Local Program Success Specialist
Southeastern U.S.
National FFA Organization
Nashville, TN
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