I'm sure many of you have heard that I will be assuming the duties of the Georgia Young Farmers  Executive Secretary starting February 1, 2014. For the next three months I will be attending many of the Young Farmer events and assisting Dr. Barber with the GYFA activities.  I feel Dr. Barber has done a tremendous job for the past three years as the Executive Secretary and I am excited to be afforded the chance to work with him, Mrs. Kathy Cooper, the Young Farmer Board and this group of Agriculture Education Teachers.  I have always been a proponent of the Young Farmers and the importance of adult education.  My goal is to help the Association to continue to grow in membership and activities while offering training and assistance to the Young Farmer Teachers of Georgia.  If you have any suggestions on how we can further increase the capacity of the Georgia Young Farmers Association, please feel free to contact me.    

John Allen Bailey
Central Region Forestry Teacher
101 North Main St., Rm. 317
Swainsboro, GA  30401