No plugs will be delivered to mid-winter conference this year.  I need
everyone to choose where they would like to pick up their plugs from by
Friday, Dec 20th.  All spring orders will be delivered the week of Feb
8th.  Please use the form below to pick your location and hit submit at the
bottom of the page.

Thanks, Melissa
Spring Plug Pick Up Location
All spring plugs will be delivered the week of February 8. You will have
the choice of picking up from one of five locations. Everyone will need to
pick their pick up location by Friday, December 20th. If you need to change
your pick up location later, please let me know as soon as possible.

    School Name *
     Advisor Name *
     Advisor Cell Phone Number *
     There are 5 pick up locations for you to choose from this year...
   1. FVSU during State CDEs on Saturday, Feb 8th 2. Mary Persons High
   School in Forsyth on Monday, Feb 10th 3. ECI in Twin City on Tuesday, Feb
   11th 4. Region Poultry Judging CDE in Eastman on Wednesday, Feb 12th 5. or
   Pick up directly from Lewis Farms Nursery located in South Houston County
   but must call ahead first
    Pick Up Location you will like your plants delivered do *
    FVSU - State CDE - Saturday, Feb 8th Mary Persons High- Monday, Feb
   10th ECI, Twin City - Tuesday, Feb 11th Region Poultry Judging Wed, Feb
   12th Pick up from grower - S. Houston County - Lewis Farms Nursery -
   must call ahead first
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