Teachers, CTAERN 3852 <>Agricultural Electrification
has been posted to the CTAERN website <> and
registration is now open. The course will be held at Banks County High
School beginning on Monday, June 9 and will conclude on Thursday, June 12.
This course will utilize classroom instruction, hands-on experience,
demonstrations and observation to help teachers develop knowledge and
skills necessary for teaching electricity in agriculture. Course content
will include understanding principles of electricity, interpreting the
National Electrical Code, planning electrical circuits, selecting wiring
tools and materials, determining load, installation of branch and feeder
circuits, electric motor nameplate ratings and installation, and motor
contactors and controls. Motor contactors and controls as well as electric
motors may be utilized in portions of the area and state Ag. Mechanics
CDE's beginning in FY15.

Each teacher will be expected to provide the following materials and will
need to bring the materials with them to the workshop:

colored pencils - 1 red, 1 - blue, 1 - black, 1 - green
3 ring binder or other suitable notebook with paper
50 ft. 14-2 AWG w/ground NM Cable
50 ft. 14-3 AWG w/ground NM cable
25 ft. 18 AWG stranded copper THHN or THWN insulated conductor (individual
conductor, not cable)
20 - spade connectors for 18 AWG conductor
Safety glasses
flash drive

Tools will be provided for teachers to use during the workshop. Teachers
who would like to bring their own tools will need the following:
Wire strippers
Electricians/cable splicers knife
#2 Phillips screwdriver
Standard screwdriver
Lineman's pliers
Cordless drill & 5/16" nut driver bit
Measuring tape

Please contact me if you have any questions or need further information.
You may click on the following link to go to the CTAERN website:

CTAERN website link: <>

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