The 2013-14 state FFA Floral Design CDE was held this past Saturday on the ABAC Campus. Membership has been confirmed, and the results are considered official.


A special thank you goes to Mrs. Yvette Crick and Mrs. Melissa Riley for their work coordinating the CDE, and to ABAC for the use of their facilities.  



1st place individual - Elizabeth Garcia (Echols County)

2nd place individual - Elizabeth Beacham (Colquitt County)

3rd place individual - Chloe Thomason (Franklin County)



1st place individual - Victoria Barber (WJ Williams Middle)

2nd place indivual - Eryn Beth Sealy (East Jackson Middle)

3rd place individual - Jasmine Mascaro (Pelham Middle)


Congratulations to these, and all chapters who participated in the state Floral Design CDE.


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