I only have 11 Jr. and 9 Sr. teams in Area 1 and 6 Jr. and 9 Sr. Teams in Area 2 that have signed up for the training. Don't miss out on a good practice contest.

Wildlife CDE Training - 2014

I will have a practice competition for wildlife judging at Pickens County High School on Jan. 21st and at Madison County High School on Jan. 23rd. I will have it set up to run from 4:30 to 6:00 P.M. Each team can go through at there own pace. I am not planning to score the students answers. Each school can let there team go through the contest. Then they will get a chance to look at the key and score their own answers. I will have a wildlife biologist (Mr. John Seginek) that will assist students in the proper methods to age deer jawbones and how to score the antlers after they do the competition. I have to limit to 2 students from each school in each area. If you have a Jr. and a Sr. team you can have 2 students in each area for each team. Therefore, If you have a Jr. and Sr. team you can have 4 students in each area.

Wildlife Training Registration Link

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