Dear colleagues,

The Spanish Ministry in charge of Science and
Innovation has published a public offer for grants (Programa Ramón y
Cajal). The purpose of this offer is to reinforce the R&D Spanish
system, concretely reinforcing the human power in Spanish Research
Institutions. See brief description in English at

Programa Ramón y Cajal is similar, though not identical, to a
tenure track position. This Program is addressed to young researches
want to settle in, since it is a five-year contract (salary= 33.720
euros/year) enabling the holder to carry out both fully independent
research (40.000 euros/4 years) and, if wished, fully independent
teaching activity.

Applications are made by Spanish Research
Institutions. Consequently, I offer support to apply through the
Universidad de Sevilla (a Spanish southern University), taking for
granted that I will cede lab space to the holder. The grant holder must
have interest in ciliatology in particular or in protistology in
general. Applicants should have a strong/competitive publication record
in molecular and/or cellular microbiology.

Unfortunately, regulatory
bases are in Spanish but I offer all support for comprehension.
Application is online.

There is an internal (University) deadline,
29th January. The University must co-finance grants; therefore officials
must know how many grants the University can offer. Those interested in
this Program must send me before 27th January a concrete proposal,
motivation letter, and CV, in order I can prepare the candidature.

Those interested in the Program can consult my ResearcherID
(E-7645-2010) and my personal card at the University of Sevilla
(, the
University of Sevilla's Web page (, and they can
contact me by e-mail ([log in to unmask]).

Best whishes for year 2014 and I
hope to hear from some of you!

Eduardo Villalobo
Microbiología, Fac Biología
Universidad de Sevilla
Av Reina Mercedes,
41012 Sevilla