Forestry teachers in Area VI:

I visited with Mr. Doug Van Valkenburgh, Mr. Doug Sharp, and Mr. Lorin Clark today with the purpose of finding a different venue for the Area VI Forestry CDE. Plum Creek has built a new facility just south of the Broadhurst location (about five miles) at their seed orchard location. I cannot express how excited I am with this new location. We are going to change the name of the event to the "McKinnon FFD."

The Plum Creek reps were VERY accommodating and are excited, but a little guarded. What you need to express to your students is that this is a new facility and there is very important work being done on this site. The seed orchard supplies seed for Plum Creek's operations from the Atlantic Seaboard west to Mississippi. There is breeding and research going on that has years of work behind it. There is heavy equipment on the premises that students will need to stay off of and some places they will need to stay out of. 

In general, our students are some of the best behaved students there are, but it only takes one knucklehead to ruin a good thing for everyone. I will expect you to make sure your students show the respect for the property that it deserves. Believe me, you are going to LIKE it!

We hope to have some things for the students to do while grading is taking place, so that should help.

Here is the address to the facility:

1093 Oil Well Rd
Jesup, GA 31546

More information will be forthcoming as we get closer to the field day.

Danny Bartlett
Forestry Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
ABAC 34 - 2802 Moore Highway
Tifton, GA  31793
229/386-3198 (ofc)