The state FFA Horse Evaluation CDE was held this past Saturday at Ft. Valley State University and 75 teams participated!  Membership has been confirmed and the results are considered official. A complete set of results are attached.


A special Thank You goes to Mr. Kent Benson, Mr. Tommy Waldrop and Mr. Ricky Wheeler for coordinating the CDE. Many volunteers assisted with reasons, as group leaders, riders, etc…


Senior Division

1st place team - White County

2nd place team - Fannin County

3rd place team - Morgan County


1st place individual - Sadie Hobbs (White County)

2nd place individual - Morgan Allen (White County)

3rd place individual - Lexie Jacobs (Fanin County)


Junior Division

1st place team - Franklin County Middle

2nd place team - Southeast Bulloch

3rd place team - Lee County Middle


1st place individual - Joseph Muldrew (SE Bulloch)

2nd place individual - Kendall Gill (Lee County Middle)

3rd place individual - Summer Steele (Pike County Middle)


Congratulation these and all teams who competed in the Horse Evaluation CDE.


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