Aaron - Thanks for the effort on this and for the clarification that people are to choose the top 3 off the entire list.  That should give us some direction.  Mark

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From: TETRA Steering committee

To:  Researchers working with, or planning to work with, Tetrahymena


Which of the following issues do you think should be the top three priorities for the Tetrahymena Steering committee in the coming year?  Please indicate your choices by marking them as 1, 2 or 3.


You are also welcome to add comments about any item, to offer us more detailed guidance.


Please send completed surveys to Aaron Turkewitz ([log in to unmask]).  Thank you!


Your name (not required, but helpful)_________________________________________


If you wouldn’t mind being contacted about your responses, please provide your e-mail address _________________________________________







______develop better annotation of the T. thermophila genomes

______better coordination between sites (e.g., FGD and

______reconsideration of naming rules for T. thermophila genes

______facilitate easier access to other Tetrahymena species genomes

______provide better access to raw data sets from genome-wide analyses, such as microarray and RNA-Seq data

______facilitate easier access to the micronuclear genome


 Workshops on:

______Methods for analysis of large datasets (


______Expression profiling

______Cell immobilization/microscopy

______Classical genetics


______Tetrahymena as a biochemical tool for protein expression and protein-protein interactions

______Extended workshop (Woods Hole-style) on how to do better experiments in Tetrahymena, as a way to build the community


create online databases for:

______Tetrahymena-related protocols

______Available Tetrahymena-active antibodies

______Tetrahymena-specific vectors


______Facilitate development/dissemination of Tetrahymena-based experiments for undergraduates


______Create an environment that makes it easier to recruit graduate students and postdocs to work on Tetrahymena; one mechanism might be to write or commission articles to raise the visibility of Tetrahymena as an experimental system



Any comments on any of these, or additional, items?