I would urge anyone who does microscopic observations of living Tetrahymena, Paramecium, or other ciliates to seriously consider purchase of one of the rotocompressors designed and manufactured by Chris Janetopoulos. His model works on both upright and inverted microscopes, can be used with basic and advanced optical procedures, and is rugged and reliable.


Careful use can allow recovery of an immobilized cell and its return to culture medium for subsequent analysis and observations. Use of the rotocompressor involves no consumables except for commercially available slides and coverslips, and you’ll need those only when they’re broken or contaminated.


The unit is easy to use and to train students to use. I have a model in my lab that my undergraduate student uses nearly every day to immobilize living Paramecium for his honors research.


When developing his design, Dr. Janetopoulos also achieved a production breakthrough that allowed him to make a large number of these units using computer controlled machining tools. His price is significantly lower than the custom machining costs I paid 30 years ago for production of my units, and he can pass those savings on to current purchasers.


Anyone doing observations of living cells should seriously consider purchase of one of Chris’ units while they’re available.



Karl J. Aufderheide

Associate Professor

Department of Biology

Texas A&M University

College Station TX 77843-3258