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Date: Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 1:31 PM
Subject: [Usaged-l] $5, 000 Scholarships for Agricultural Communications
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Below is an announcement of three $5,000 scholarships to be awarded to
collegiate agricultural communications majors by the National Association
of Farm Broadcasters Foundation. Please pass along as appropriate.

Many thanks.

Bill Stagg

Director, Strategic Communications

National FFA Organization

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Since 1977, the NAFB Foundation has awarded scholarships to students who
are studying agriculture communications.  This year, the Foundation will
award it's 100th scholarship as three $5000 scholarships--the Glenn Kummerow
Memorial Scholarship, the George Logan Scholarship and the Orion Samuelson
Scholarship--are presented to deserving college students.  Applicants should
be a college junior, senior or grad school student enrolled in agriculture
communications.  Applications are due by June 2 to be considered for this
year's judging; recipients will be informed by early September.  The
scholarship application is available on the NAFB Foundation

Here's how you can help:  if you know of any college students who would
qualify for this scholarship program, please forward this note to them and
direct any questions about the process to Barbara Young ([log in to unmask])
at the NAFB office.

Tom Brand
Executive Director
National Association of Farm Broadcasting
1100 Platte Falls Road
Platte City, MO  64079
(816) 431-4032
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Melissa Riley
Central Region Ag Education
Horticulture Teacher
1005 State University Drive,  Box 4060
Fort Valley, GA 31030
office - 478-825-6067478-825-6067
cell - 478-973-4071478-973-4071
  fax - 478-825-6980

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