Please be reminded that GVATA/NAAE Award Applications can be submitted to your GVATA Area Director at the Spring Teacher Meetings scheduled for next week. As an alternative for those of you who who need a little more time, you can mail your application package to the North Region office. If you choose this method, it must be in the office no later than April 24th. Understand that our mail goes first to the UGA mail room to be sorted, then delivered to us. This sometimes causes a delay in delivery. I would suggest a postmark date of no later than April 21st.

Award applications can be found by following this link to the NAAE Awards page. From this page, you can access all the information needed for each award category. Please be sure you include all forms, cover sheets, signature pages, etc. with your application package.

Mail to:
Josh Allen
204 Four Towers Building - UGA
Athens, GA 30602