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Date: Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 12:55 PM
Subject: Young Farmer Position Opening
We have a Young Farmer position open at Effingham County High School for next year.  The opening is for an agricultrual mechanics teacher.  Dr. Waltz has worked hard to build a successful program over the past ten years.  He has received recognition on the local, state and national level. 
I have been teaching at ECHS for the past six years, and I can honestly say that it has been such a blessing to teach at a school that cares so much about their teachers and students.
Effingham County High School is a place where everyone is a family and our principal is someone who is viewed as a leader.  He is very approachable and supportive of the agriculture program.  He drove the bus and went to FFA Camp with us last year and is planning on going again this year. 
The position closes on April 16
Here is the link to apply for the job online at the Effingham County Schools website   
You can email your resume and cover letter to Kathy Pevey our CTAE Director at [log in to unmask] or to the principal Yancy Ford at [log in to unmask]
If you have anymore questions send me an email or you can call my cell phone at 912-429-9496
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