We are excited to post entry / rule information to kick off a new showing
season in Georgia and highlight the GCCPA awards.  The Georgia Junior
Cattlemen's will also host a GJCA field day on Thursday morning.  The
Georgia Jr. Simmental Association will also host their Summer Roundup on
Friday afternoon.   Please check their respective websites for more
information on those events.

Please share this information with your show cattle friends in Georgia and
friends outside of Georgia. We made several rule updates for this year's
show.  Please read through all show rules before submitting entry forms.

New things to look for in 2014 Futurity Rules:
** Updated heifer age rules (to reflect 2015 State Heifer Show age
** No butt fans or port-a-cool fans.  All fans must be attached to a tie
** Chute tags will be required to be purchased for $25 per chute; will be
handed out when you pick up stall assignments.
** Please read through rules for specific wording on 2014 Futurity rules.

Please contact one of the show superintendents with questions.

Carole Knight
Heather Shultz
Christa Steinkamp
Ricky Wheeler

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