Fellow Ag Teachers,

We are extremely fortunate to have many great supporter for agricultural education in Georgia. During the recent area meetings, you should have received information about the enhancement to AgEd Extended Day funding that was made possible by the Georgia General Assembly. This is a great example of the support given for what you do each day. One of the key people responsible for making the additional funding possible is State Representative Terry England. A great thing that  I appreciate most about Chairman England is the fact that he is always willing to help the Blue and Gold in any way possible. Another example of his support is the fact that he is giving time during his busy schedule to conduct a presentation / workshop during the FFA Alumni activities at the Macon Convention Center in conjunction with the State FFA Convention. Please find the attached schedule for the FFA Alumni activities and note the workshop title that Chairman Terry England will be conducting.

PLEASE support this FFA Alumni activity by encouraging your adult supporter to attend. I would ask that you think about the impact this type of workshop could have on supporting you in the future. I have been fortunate to see the "Becoming Advocates for Agricultural Education" presentation by Representative England, and I assure you it will be valuable information for your program.  It may also be important to consider the implication if we do not have plenty of participation in this activity. If he is willing to be there and present this valuable information, the least we can do is insure we have someone from each chapter in attendance and that this workshop is well attended.

There is an additional registration fee for your FFA alumni members that will be participating in this Alumni development conference during the State FFA convention. I understand the deadline is fast approaching. I urge you to consider how valuable it will be to have participation in this FFA Alumni workshop. PLEASE share this information with your local adult supporters and encourage them to attend.

Thanks for all you do!


John (Chip) Bridges
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