Teachers below is a list of the 2013-2014 Central Region Area Officer candidates

Each of the following officer candidates will need to be at the region awards ceremony by 3:00 to take their area officer exam.  Each officer will also need to prepare a 1 minute campaign speech to give during the awards ceremony. 

***Current area officers that are running again will need to be there by 12:30 so they can take their exam before award ceremony practice. 

Awards Ceremony for Area 4 is Tuesday, May 13th at ECI Auditorium in Twin City and Area 3 is Thursday, May 15th at FVSU in the Pettigrew Center.

Area 4 Junior Officer Candidates
Austin Beard - Effingham County High
Morgan Jackson - Johnson County Middle
Alyssa Rauton - Burke County High

Area 4 Senior Officer Candidates
Lauren Braddy - Montgomery County High
Savannah Brannen - Screven County High
Bethaney Fortner - Johnson County High
Amber Grimes - ECI
Jaylan Horton - Hancock Central High
Samantha Mallard - Burke County High
Shelby McDowell - Southeast Bulloch
Annah Shearouse - Effingham County High
Kaylea Stokes - Dublin High
Charlie Thompson - Metter High
Mary Kaitlyn Wheeler - East Laurens
Gabby Whisnant - Harlem High

Area 3 Junior Officer Candidates
Ray Griffin - Hawkinsville High
Ellie Parrish - Jones County High
Robert Sanchez - Marion County High

Area 3 Senior Officer Candidates
Juliana Crews - Peach County High
Sydney Dyer - Crawford County High
Kayleigh Hale - Northside High
Connor Johnson - Locust Grove High
Justin Martin - Rutland High
Lizzi Neal - Perry High
Emily Rutledge - Ola High
Libby Truitt - Stockbridge High
Caroline Waldrep - Mary Persons
Brad Williams - Hawkinsville High

b.      Candidates selected in the application process will take a written exam. Exam date and time will be set by the region office.

-          Exam Format:

·         50 question, multiple choice test

·         All candidates will complete the exam in one room at the same time.

·         No one other than the candidates and the administrator of the test are allowed in the room.

·         No materials, other than a writing utensil, will be allowed in the exam area.

·         The test will be developed from information found in the resources below:

a.       Current Official FFA Manual

b.      FFA Student Handbook

c.       Robert’s Rules of Order

d.      FFA New Horizons – Past 12 months

e.       Georgia FFA News (New Horizons Insert) – Past 12 months

·         Questions will concern practical information that an Area FFA Officer should know.

-          Senior office and junior office candidates will be ranked based on their test scores. The highest test scorer will receive a ranking of 1, the second highest test scorer will receive a ranking of 2, etc. Senior and junior office candidates will be ranked separately.

c.       The top 17 (12 senior office, 5 junior office) candidates for Area Officer positions will have the opportunity to offer a one-minute speech to the voting delegates. The delegates will then vote for the six senior officers and the two junior representatives they wish to elect. Each delegate will select six names for senior office and two names for junior office.

-          One point will be allotted for each vote. Votes will be added and ranked for senior and junior office. The senior office candidate with the highest number of votes will be ranked 1, 2nd highest vote receiver will be ranked 2, etc. Junior candidates will also be ranked by the number of votes received.

d.      The application rank, written exam rank, and vote rank will be added. For example, if a candidate was ranked 3rd on the application, 5th on the exam, and the 7th highest vote getter, their overall rank is 15.

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