Please find the attached Fall 2014 Plant Order Form.

*Notice the tabs at the bottom of the excel spreadsheet - Annuals,
Perennials, Ferns.*

We have several new plants and varieties this year and have included basic
descriptions to help you make your selections.

As in the past you can request your PO once the new school year begins as
we will not be sending out invoices until after plant delivery.  We are
planning on plant delivery at the Fall Teachers Meetings the last week of
August -- August 19th (Area V) and August 21st (Area VI).

If you are not returning to your school please consider ordering the basics
for the teacher who will be replacing you as it is hard to find "extra"
plants once the new school year begins.

Please email your order form back to me by *Thursday, May 22nd*.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Yvette H. Crick
South Region Horticulture Specialist
2802 Moore Highway ABAC 34
Tifton GA 31793
229-386-3213 (office)
912-682-2869 (cell)
  [image: Description: GCPP-134x146]