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I am a part of a CTAE/SLO Advisory Committee.  We developed this Quick Look guide to help answer questions by CTAE teachers.  The most often asked question I have lately is "how do I access other SLO's from other systems"... the middle of page 2 addresses this question.  I don't have access to the SLO Item Bank or other system SLOs, however, if you have any questions or I can help in any way please feel free to contact me. I think this document was sent to CTAE Directors state wide, so they may already have this document, but just wanted to make sure you have access to it as well to help answer any of your questions.

What SLO resources and supports are available to districts?

GaDOE has developed resources for CTAE courses, which include an item bank and resource library. In addition, content-specific items and exams that were collaboratively developed by other systems are available for you to review and utilize. These resources are available through the secure SharePoint database, which can only be accessed by your county SLO contact.

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It order to address SLO implementation needs of CTAE teachers, the SLO team created a CTAE/SLO committee that meets every other month to discuss CTAE specific topics.  I have attached a guidance document that was developed by this committee and approved by the SLO team. The graphic on page 2 was created to address an identified need shared by the committee concerning confusion about why the End of Course pathway assessment is not appropriate for use as an SLO.  We will continue to develop targeted supports and resources for CTAE teachers and look forward to continued collaboration with our CTAE partners. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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