As you wrap up your school year, please remember to create your new Program
of Work for your coming school year as soon as possible.  You can do this
by logging into your aged portal on our website.  Click on "Manage Program
of Work" under the Program of Work heading.  If you do not see a POW listed
for the coming school year, please click "Add New POW" on the top right.
 Your screen should refresh and your new POW should be listed.  Once you
finish your new POW, I recommend saving a pdf copy & emailing it to your
CTAE director and principal (especially if you are at a Middle School) to
let them know you have completed it.

We have set up accounts for all CTAE directors to log in to view your POW
and monthly reports, but some may not realize it or may have misplaced
their passwords.  Please ask them to contact me directly if they have any
questions about accessing our website.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this process.  Hope the
rest of your school year ends on a great note and you have a great time at
summer camp!

**If you are changing schools from one HS to another HS or one MS to
another MS, you create your POW from your existing portal, click on change
/ edit and change the school listed to your new school.  However, if you
are moving from HS to MS or YF or vice versa, I will need to make a change
on your portal settings before you create your new POW.

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