*Horse Juding Clinic*

July 30th and 31st

Head Quarters: Camp John Hope,  Fort Valley

*Presenter: Shannon Cunningham,  North Eastern Oklahoma Community
College.** Coach
of 6 World Champion Teams *

*Field Trips :  Carl Yamber Performance Horses and Bissell Quarter Horses*

*Topics:   1. How to coach a successful horse judging team*

*                2. Resources for coaching a team*

*                3. Conformation selection for halter classes*

*                4. Western Pleasure criteria*

*                5. Hunter under saddle criteria*

*                6. Reining maneuvers and scoring*

*                 7. Reasons        *

*  ***Agriculture Instructors who attend will receive 2 PLUs  through

 Currently this course is not listed on the CTAERN network as it has not
been officially approved pending on passing the budget  for CTAERN
courses.  But if you are looking forward to this clinic to improve your
Equine Evaluation CDE coaching skills *MARK YOUR CALENDARS*!