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Date: Jul 7, 2014 9:41 AM
Subject: GAC's 2014 Dr. Joe B Crane Classroom Grant Program
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I know you are down at Jekyll for the GVATA Conference but I wanted to go
ahead and send you some information about the *Georgia Agribusiness
Council's 2014 Dr. Joe B Crane Classroom Grant* program. We are doing up to
4, non-renewable, $500 classroom grants that are available to any Georgia
public or private school teacher that wants to prepare a lesson for their
class focusing on some aspect of agriculture. We had 16 applications last
year and the winners were as follows:

*East Jackson Comprehensive High School (Greg Gilman)*
*Elbert County Middle School (Dixie McCarty)*
*Burke County Middle School (Allie Crockett)*

We would like for you to pass along the application and the link to the
application so that you could help us get information out about the
program. *The deadline to apply for a Classroom Grant is October 10, 2014*.
I am attaching a copy of the application, and you will find the link to
that application below:

We will happily accept applications starting now, since many teachers might
have more time now that they would when school gets started back in August.
Thank you once again for all your help.

Best Regards,
Michael Pisciotta

Michael Pisciotta, Public Affairs Coordinator
Georgia Agribusiness Council
"Leading Georgia's Strongest Industry"
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