I know this is last minute, but I just received the information below. If you are going to be in the Athens area tomorrow evening, sounds like this could be very interesting.

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We are hoping for about 30 people to attend this event, download the free app, then start entering opinions and photos for our area. I have invited Master Gardeners, but we are hoping for students, horticulturists, garden center folks, etc. to also be here. We will have some snacks and drinks and there will be a few TShirt giveaways, but it is really all about starting up a new app and helping others with useful information about plants that do well in our area. Please invite horticulture/ landscape students and organizations, GGIA, anyone who knows something about plants and thinks this would be fun. Just bring your smartphone and the guy from GrowIt! will tell us about this new app and how to enter data.


GrowIt! Launch Event

Help create the newest plant app!

Thursday, July 17        6:00 – 7:30 pm

The State Botanical Garden of Georgia


GrowIt! is, a mobile app that is also social. It helps you find plants and ideas that work well in your area by connecting you to photos and comments of gardeners in the same area. It will be available in the App Store in July, but before it can be marketed on a large scale, folks around the country need to be entering data.


GrowIt! is an initiative of Ball Horticultural Company, but includes all plants, not just one brand. The goal is to engage the next generation of gardeners (Millennials mostly, ages 20-38).  This free mobile app is the first of its kind creating a social platform for users to promote plants they love and help others steer clear of plants that just don’t perform.  The app uses geo-locating technology in the phone to ensure that the users only see local information.  This will help ensure the next generation gardener knows what they should and should not buy so that their first gardening experience is a success.


To make this a successful tool for the next generation content needs to be built within the app.  An important aspect of GrowIt! is that it runs entirely on user submission with none of the digitally enhanced images that can come from big brands.  So….we need REAL images from REAL gardeners supporting a real social network.  So GrowIt! Is hosting a gathering at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia Visitor Center (2450 South Milledge Avenue, Athens), where garden enthusiasts from the community download the app, walk around the gardens, take photos, and rate plants. 


Your comments and photos will help guide new gardeners on the best plants and the ones to avoid. Check it out at www.facebook.com/growitapp or www.twitter.com/growitmobile.

Contact Connie for more information at 706-542-6014 or [log in to unmask].



Connie Cottingham

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