The new FFA membership year will begin on September 1. You will have access to your online chapter rosters through the Ag Career Network (AgCN) by September 10. It is important that you realize the value of putting your AgEd students on the FFA roster. It is also important that you are award of two FFA membership options. Please review this information carefully.


FFA Dues vs Affiliation option

• There are two options for FFA membership. One is to pay a per person FFA dues of $11 each ($4 for state dues and $7 for national dues); the other is to pay an Affiliation fee and make every student in each of you classes an FFA member at one price.


• If you Affiliate, you are agreeing to two things…..1)  you will make every student in each of your classes for the entire year an FFA member; and 2) you will not collect any dues from the students. That means you will need an alternative funding source to pay to your fee.


•You will be asked to identify your “number” to the State FFA Office by September 15, so that we know how much to invoice you. Your “number” is the total number of students who will take AgEd classes in your entire program for the entire year (if a multi-teacher program, include ALL classes from ALL teachers). NOTE: Be sure to include any students who have finished your program but need to stay on the roster for proficiency or degree purpose. (i.e. you will teach 100 students all year and you have 6 students who have completed your program but are aiming toward the American Degree….in that scenario, your number is 106). If you are on a semester system, we will not do a separate invoice in the Spring. You should anticipate your Spring enrollment and turn in  your “number” by September 15, for the entire year.


• Affiliation fee payment is due to the State FFA Office by the October 15, membership deadline.


• Affiliate chapter are still expected to complete an FFA roster through the Ag Career Network. You should list every student in every class on the roster.


• A copy of the Affiliation fee schedule is attached. Notice that the schedule is made up of “windows.” These windows are ranges of students. There is a fee associated with each window. Once you pay that fee, as long as you stay within that range of students, you will not owe any additional money.


How Do I Affiliate?

Also attached is the list of chapters who were Affiliated in the 2013-14 school year. The list of 2014-15 Affiliate programs will start with these chapters. If you want to Affiliate your program and your program is not listed, please let me know no later than September 1. If your chapter is already listed, I do not need to hear from you. Your Affiliation status is intact.


If you have questions, please let me know. Please remember to let me know by September 1, if you want to be added to the Affiliation list for 2014-2015.




Ben Lastly

Executive Secretary

Georgia FFA Association

316 Poultry Science – UGA

Athens, GA 30602

(706) 552-4456