Dear Colleagues,
    I'm happy to announce that the Tetrahymena Functional Genomics Database (TetraFGD) was updated, with the RNA-Seq data at different stages integrated into the TetraFGD Gbrowse.  Tetrahymena thermophila RNA-Seq coverage and RPKM (Reads Per Kilobase exon per Million mapped reads, relative expression level) values at three stages (total five states) were showed in Gbrowse, inluding 1. Growth (middle log phase, ~3.5X105 cells/ml ); 2. Starvation 3 hours and 15 hours; 3. Conjugation 2 hours and 8 hours. You can  search the data using  Gene ID in the 2008 genome annotation at: . 
    Another news, my lab is working on sequencing the Mac genomes of 13 Tetrahymena species (T. amerricanis, T. australis, T. bergeri, T. corlissi, T. epidokyrea, T. hegewischi, T. paravorax, T. patula, T. pigmentosa, T. pyriformis, T. rostrata, T. shanghaiensis, T. vorax ). Now, all sequencing have been done, and seven of them (T. bergeri, T. corlissi, T. empidokyrea, T. paravorax, T. pyriformis, T. shanghaiensis, T. vorax) have been completed assembling and got good results and are annotated one by one. I hope this information is helpful to avoid unnecessary duplication among colleagues and welcome to the collaboration with my lab.

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